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Internet acquiring

You may accept online payment for any goods and services made by Visa and MasterCard plastic cards and WebMoney.

Cooperation with a large network of acquiring banks and solid working experience allow us to suggest the best solution at a lower cost. Our services are comfortable, unique and hi-tech. You can check this out for yourself!

Adaptive payment page

Our payment page allows to place the store’s logo, it has a multi-language interface and it is optimized for correct reproduction in all modern browsers on any devices: PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Payment acceptance without switching to the authorization page

Thanks to our solution, the payment form is reflected in iFrame on the website or in a separate pop-up window over all elements. Using such technologies allows escaping from going to the gateway authorized page what minimizes the number of payment steps and in certain cases increases the conversion.

Fraud monitoring

You can accept payment by any cards from all over the world and we will provide their solid security. Our developments in the field of fraud monitoring allow decreasing the number of fraud operations due to heuristic analysis of each transaction, customizable filters for monitoring and support of 3D Secure technology.

Multifunctional personal account

There is a possibility to obtain detailed reports for the made payments, to search payments, to monitor all operations online, to confirm and cancel operations, to carry out full or partial refund, to provide other officers with access to the personal account according to their rights to obtain the information. You also may send invoices to the client’s e-mail. One can form and send a payment link to the buyer in less than a minute.

Additional possibilities

Recurrent payments

We provide a possibility to automatically debit funds from the payer’s card on a regular basis.


We support recurrent payments without a need to enter the banking card details.

Putting funds on hold

There is a possibility to temporary block the funds on the payer’s card and their further debiting or cancellation.

Transaction management

Support of holding, debiting, cancellation and refund (including partially). You can perform transactions manually via your personal account or with the help of API.


Payment balancing by different channels allows choosing a bank that suggests the most favorable conditions for conducting the certain transaction.

Acceptance of payments in world currencies

Payment transactions are conducted 24 hours a day without breaks and days off.

Advantages of the solution

Simple integration

Detailed documentation will make the integration process quick and simple.

Favorable rates

The most favorable rates and minimal set of documents for subscription to the service.


Correspondence to the international PCI DSS Level 1 (highest level) standard confirms the safe and reliable payment acceptance.


Qualified support service officers will provide you advice in all technical issues.

Swift return of payments

Money under accepted payments will be transferred timely and without delays.

Customer loyalty

According to statistics, a simple resident of Russia has at least three bank cards in his wallet, and over the last year, every tenth made one purchase on the Internet.


Payment transactions are conducted 24 hours a day without breaks and days off.

High conversion

We increase the number of successful payment up to 98%.