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Payment via terminals

We suggest automated payment acceptance via self-service machines and cash e-tellers.

This will sufficiently decrease the costs for the maintenance of the cash operating unit and funds collection and will make the procedure of services payment in your company comfortable, modern and quick.

Solution for payments acceptance in the customer self-service mode

You can make payments for the goods and services as well as already formed orders and invoices via terminals. The terminal will make change in cash or will suggest you to use it for the payment of mobile phone, utility bills, etc., if needed.

A terminal may be optionally equipped with a barcode scanner or a credit card scanning machine. This solution is a viable replacement of own cash registers.

Terminal payment procedure



A client will receive the account number from the enterprise (booking order, way bill or other registration document).

Inputting data in the terminal

The Client is to input the account number using the terminal touchscreen or by scanning the barcode. The terminal obtains information on the account and payment amount from the corporate registration system and provides it to the client.

Making payment

The Client will pay the bill in cash (with further receipt of change or uses the balance for topping up his/her cell phone account) or by Visa, MasterCard or MIR plastic cards.

Return of the accepted payment to the enterprise

Our system swiftly returns accepted payments to the enterprise settlement account.

Solution for payments acceptance with the help of a cash e-teller

A cash e-teller provides an automated acceptance, originality verification, sorting, storage and withdrawal of money.

The device may be used for a comfortable acceptance of payments from clients and for providing trade receipts with immediate crediting to the settlement account of the enterprise (automatic collection mode).

Cash e-teller payment procedure



Manager of cashier of the enterprise executes the selling of goods or rendering of services in his/her registration system and chooses payment via a cash e-teller.

Cash acceptance

The cash e-teller receives information from the enterprise registration system and goes into the standby payment mode. Manager or cashier accepts money from the client and puts into the automatic collection device. The device then performs calculation, verifies the notes originality and makes change if needed.

Making payment

Information on the successful payment will then be transferred to the enterprise registration system after which the manager or the cashier will print out the documents confirming the payment and hand out the goods or render the service.

Return of the accepted payment to the enterprise

Our system swiftly returns accepted payments to the enterprise settlement account.

Advantages of the solution

Efficiency improvement

Improvement of the client service, solving problems of payment queues and reducing document flow.

Reliable protection

The equipment has built-in steel safe as well as key and coded locks. It may be installed without taking special security measures.

Cost reduction

Decrease in costs for bank hall instrumentation, exclusion of expenses for collection services and salary for cashiers.


Minimizing risks during cash processing and storage, exclusion of personnel’s errors or fraud.

Simple integration

Detailed documentation will make the integration process quick and simple.

Favorable rates

Favorable rates and transparent cooperation conditions.

Any time payment

You may pay for goods and services 24 hours a day.

Swift return of payments

Money under accepted payments will be transferred timely and without delays.